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Friends, it was exciting to perform at the BBC Proms concert last month. It was a late night Proms - nevertheless, the vibration of the venue and the audience is great.

Currently packaging and fine tuning the following types of musical offerings

  • Indian Classical - Carnatic Style
  • Fusion Dreams - Jazz [with Soft-Rock], Contemporary
  • Collaboration with Bollywood, Tamil Cine Music Stars
  • Six Seasons - Violin Concerto

'Raga Garage' concert at Italy in the beautiful island of Capri was a big success during August.

Happy to present a series of 4 collaboration concerts in the South of France in October. Featuring Violin, Piano and Voice.

YouTube videos from Dr. Jyotsna Srikanth's Project 

Sprint, life is. Jyotsna's composition.

Very actively collaborating for the last two decades, working with the pioneers of the world fusion music both within UK and outside.

A Sample track from Jyotsna's electronic music lab 

Electronic Music is making vibes in the live music scene and is the next big music thing. Here's a sample of a track from the music lab.

Raga Garage - Teaming up with western colleague A neat arrangement on Dr. Balamuralikrishna's Tillana. 

April this year saw a new album 

Carnatic Lounge released by Times Music followed by a grand charity fusion concert at Bangalore, India. August, was a month of sorts - responding to fans' requests, a new album featuring popular Ilayaraja's melodies on Instrumental was released by Unnikrishnan at Watersmeet Theatre.

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